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The Shady Grove Pregnancy Center offers a variety of services to anyone facing an unintended or unwanted pregnancy. All our services are free and strictly confidential, except as required by law.

Think you might be pregnant? (Pregnancy Tests)

Within minutes, our lab-quality, one-step, highly sensitive urine pregnancy test will give you a positive or negative result with a 99% accuracy rate. (Visit our FAQ for more information).

Not sure what to do? (Pregnancy Counseling)

Pregnancy counseling In a caring and supportive environment, you will meet with one of our trained pregnancy counselors to help you evaluate your situation, explore your feelings and examine your options. If desired, we can provide on-going counseling in a supportive relationship.

Who can help me? (Referral Assistance)

We can. We also possess a listing of agencies in Montgomery County that can help you. If you need medical care, health insurance, adoption services, legal and financial assistance, food and clothing, or housing, etc., we can refer you to the appropriate community resource(s).

I want to parent, now what? (Parenting Program)

We offer parenting classes for first-time mothers and fathers. The classes are designed to help you go through the pregnancy and equip you with healthy and positive ways to parent your newborn. Once the baby arrives, on-going parenting support is provided through a support group. Experienced mothers are available to mentor new mothers through their first year.

Financially struggling? (Material Assistance)

We provide a variety of items such as maternity and baby clothes, baby equipment, diapers, formula and other items to low-income mothers and their families struggling to provide for their infant/toddler's basic needs.

Already had an abortion? (Post-Abortion Counseling)

We offer specialized counseling to anyone experiencing difficulty because of a past abortion. A licensed counselor is available to assist you through the process of restoring mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Does anyone speak Spanish? (Spanish Program)

Pregnancy counseling in Spanish Twice a week we offer our pregnancy tests and counseling, material assistance and community referrals in Spanish. We also offer first- time mothers and fathers pregnancy classes.

Pregnancy counseling at the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center is performed by volunteers trained in crisis pregnancy counseling. The counseling is not intended as a substitution for professional counseling, if needed.

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