What a celebration!


Mercedes Schlapp was a fascinating keynote speaker! She shared anecdotes about the pro-life work that goes on behind the scenes in the White House with passion and humor.

We were touched by the story of Faythe who came to the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center at a time of great struggle and shared how she persevered through very challenging circumstances and came out the other side of the storm with her little rainbow – a little baby she named Iris because it means “rainbow”.

We received the good news of all those whose lives were saved and changed by the mission of Shady Grove Pregnancy Center. It truly was a Celebration of Life!

Babies remind us of why we do what we do, and we were reminded that we could not do what we do without your help and support.

We are only $15,557.72 short of reaching our goal! If you were not able to make it to the Benefit Luncheon but would still like to be a part of the celebration, would you please join us in our efforts of raising $100,000 to expand our reach and impact into the community in this life-saving mission? We cannot do it without you!

Thanks to our wonderful underwriters and Matching Gift Partners!

  • Mr. Leonard Pawlak
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Nichols
  • Mr. Geoffrey E. Brundage CPA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey E. Brundage
  • Frances V. Liberatore
  • John J. Clifford
  • Mary B. Schlesinger
  • Carol A. Meyer
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Ferguson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roberto F. Soto
  • Jeffrey R. Schmidt
  • John E. McCormick
  • Jacqueline Detrick
  • L.M. Hill
  • Mary Marshall
  • Patricia Ruppert
  • Jean K. Gendron
  • Mary Shivanandan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Fuortes
  • Dorothy Dalton, DC, DACRB - Stand Corrected Chiropractic
  • Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Mongelluzzo
  • Brendan J. Powers
  • Marianne Green
  • Joan D. Nolan
  • Patricia J. Grenier
  • Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hurley
  • Marianne M. Bullen
  • Ann Fedeli
  • Helen T. Carrese
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dembek
  • Mr. & Mrs. William E. Keefe
  • Mr. & Mrs. George W. Martin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Saeed Kronfli
  • George Prokop
  • Mr. & Mrs. John C. Reid
  • Mr. & Mrs. Budne C. Reinke
  • Elsie Bergamini
  • Susan D. Moran
  • Helen L. Ferraro
  • Dolores & Victor J. Dillon DDS
  • Thomas J. Beahn
  • Mr. & Mrs. William F. Dalleus
  • Natalie Santullo
  • David & Barbara Barwell
  • David & Heidi Blaine
  • Louis & Denise Kratz
  • Chris & Karen Donatelli
  • Antonina Amigable
  • Claire Austria
  • Dr. Yvonne Azasi
  • Ralph & Maria Fairbanks
  • Mary Anne & Daniel Gillis
  • Ellen Greene
  • Brian & Marianne Hiles
  • Richard S. Meyer
  • John & Mary Ann Messenger
  • Francis & Elizabeth Lanigan
  • Pierron & Barbara Leef
  • Dennis Leland
  • Andre & Theresa Leyva
  • Robert & Marge Merryman
  • Ed Movius
  • Maureen & John Reim
  • Wayne Tatusko
  • James & Michelle Techtmann
  • Cedarbrook Community Church
  • Ralph & Nuni Fairbanks
  • Fyzical Theraphy & Balance Center of Rockville
  • William & Laura Kappaz

The Shady Grove Pregnancy Center provides medically accurate information for women and men seeking an abortion. However, we are a pregnancy center and not an abortion provider.